Still Standing True With Conservative Music, Christ-centered Messages,and a CompassionateMembership.
           Still Standing True With Conservative Music,                        Christ-centered Messages,and a                          CompassionateMembership. 

About Bethel Baptist Church...

Bethel Baptist Church is first and foremost a

"Bible Preaching and Believing Church."  We are an Independant Church, which means we are not in any association or group of churches. We are also a "Great Comission" Church, as we engage in local missions as well as worldwide! We believe Worship should consist of prayer, praise, and preaching! We are convinced that all three are essential to a true worship. We are a congregation of different people, imperfect, yet  forgiven! We hold to old fashion singing, and believe the KJV is God's preserved Word for the English speaking people! 

Service Times


Sunday Worship 9:45 A.M.

Sunday School 11:15 A.M. 

4th Sunday Evening 6:00 PM


Prayer Meeting 7:00 PM

Prayer room 20 minutes

prior to each service. 


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